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Thanks For The Slavery : Observations of Modern Subjugation

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

As we near the Columbus Day holiday I felt it appropriate to pay a little attention the global slave trade that's alive, well and stronger than ever. We've known about the human slave auctions taking place in Libya since the Obama/Hillary State Department left the small nation in shambles. Why were we there? Oh, right...there was some evil genius dictator we had to depose.

Turns out that human bondage knows no color, no borders, and no history. In fact, it would seem that slavery is more rampant than ever before. There's a bit of a sliding scale. Here in America we face certain economic slavery in the form of welfare states, institutionalized racism, the prison industrial complex and the drug trade; all of which clearly target minority populations and those of certain class distinction. Elsewhere the buying and selling of human beings from children to adults becomes the grease in the cogs of national economic survival, let alone prosperity.

Our demand for new models, shiny screens with new updates and fresh produce year-round, no matter the season, is paid for with the blood of brown, yellow, black, and yes, even white little hands. Whether digging out rare minerals in Congo or selling that ass in the Philippines, WE WANT MORE. No matter the price. Learn the true cost of prosperity in the modern age.

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